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ELGHATIT LAW FIRM has always been concerned and involved in legal matters of national international and comparative economic and commercial business nature. Our lawyers and our present Senior and Lead Partner Prof. Dr. Aly Hamed ELGHATIT maintain close working relationships with leading law firms in more than 35 countries.
ELGHATIT LAW FIRM approaches its work with a multi-discipline and from explorers vantage view.
We believe, a client's problem is either already historical or still in the making.
In either case, we manage our work with a new look at reality in its evolving, economic and distributive balances and of course in the regulatory context with the purpose of developing sound solutions on solid legal and judicial ground though, newly chartered and previously untraveled. An approach that has always been proven successful & effectual, and so far adopted by the Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation and the Courts of Appeals.
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